Tuesday, June 27, 2017

This week is our last week of our elementary camp this summer and our theme this week is “A World of Dimensions”. The kids have been dabbing into Geometry while learning and creating multidimensional shapes.  We learned about Flat Stanley and his adventures which helps us understand the difference between 2d and 3d.  Mr. Josh, our music teacher has been teaching about the magic of  percussion . The kids have been creating cheers and chants all while creating beats on their bodies and the floor.  Our mystery musicians have been “wowzers” the past couple of days. Our Monday musician guest was Mike Tarpley, a saxophonist who played and showed us the differences between his 3 saxophones-  a Soprano Sax, an Alto Sax and a Tenor Sax. His soulful and jazz riffs found a way to our hearts.  

On Tuesday we had 2 treats.
Mikari Tarpley, a Broadway actress who toured with Disney’s The Lion King, shared her story on Tuesday. Mikari who is 13 now played “Young Nala”  in the show in 2015- 2016.  She reminded the kids that even at a young age that you can accomplish your dreams!

Our 2nd treat on Tuesday was saxophonist Kimberlye McKinney! She had so much fun with us last week, that she just wanted to come by and perform for the kids again!  

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